{From Where I Stand} A Favorite Fall Recipe


On Monday night, I had a Jamberry Nails party.  If you haven’t heard of it before, you need to check them out!  Better yet, go to my friend Roxanne’s website here and I can get hostess credit if you make an order through Friday, October 3rd! 🙂

So I needed something quick and delicious for a party snack. I tried this pumpkin dip last year and we loved it!!!  Dip apple slices and graham crackers.  I have to admit we even eat it by the spoonful!

There are only four ingredients:

IMG_0172And I put Kherington to work!  Starting this summer she has been very interested in helping me cook. Even thought it takes a little longer to prepare dinner, I love that she wants to help me. She comes into the kitchen, pulls over the chair and stands up right next to me saying, “I want to help Mommy!”   For all the other Mommy’s out there with toddlers, this is a great time to start teaching about food and healthy eating choices!   Don’t shoo them out the kitchen or put in a movie like I used to do {guilty}!

Pouring the 4-serving Vanilla JELL-O pudding packet with the can of pumpkin.


Kherington loves to smell everything. She’s smelling the 1 tsp of pumpkin pie spice.


IMG_0564 IMG_0547

Scooping in the 1 tub of Cool Whip. Oops..missed the bowl!


She had to stop and take a lick of the Cool Whip!!!



Once mixed, of course we had to taste test!!


Mmmm. Kherington and Mommy approved!


When finished, don’t forget to lick the spoon! No raw eggs here!



For another Fall favorite recipe, see what Stephanie is cookin’ up here!