Varvelicious ~ A Dream Come True


12095033_10103026907275558_8949120545046425010_oMy mind began to zone out the speaker in front of me as my hand quickly jotted in my notebook the ideas rapidly forming…

I was 21 years old, engaged, and in the midst of my dietetic internship attending the annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I don’t remember who the speaker was but I do remember he/she was listing the devastating facts on childhood obesity.  I sat their burdened by the next generation who will not outlive their parents if they keep up their unhealthy behaviors.  And that burden spurred a new dream of mine.  When it would happen, I didn’t know but someday…someday this would be cool…

To use Brett’s talent in video production with my knowledge in nutrition. As a soon-to-be dietitian, I had no idea what God had in mind for my life, but I was very interested in nutrition education for children and even more important, their parents (since they are the ones feeding the children).

As I sat there in my seat, I noted different ideas like cooking shows with children, tips for parents on what and how to feed their children, teaching healthy foods and food groups, recipes…

IMG_1977And now, it’s been 8 years almost exactly since that dream popped in my head and that someday is here…

When I first started dating Brett 13 years ago, I’ll be honest, I was intimidated by Brett’s family.  As I got to know them throughout the years, I fell in love with them. Yet, I don’t think it really hit me until after we got married how I was a little different than his family.  They ALL are creative while I don’t have much creativity in me at all.   I avoid Pinterest if I can help it because…WOW…talk about overwhelming! My mind cannot handle all those ideas and creativity.   Please, just tell me what to do and how to do it…I promise it will get done in an organized and timely manner.

This sums up the difference between Brett (and his family) and me…


Brett’s family is made up of a cartoonist, graphic designer, two filmmakers, and a mom who pretty much can create anything with her hands, whether it is food, clothes, pillows, curtains, a stair slide for the grandkids… you get my point.  This family of 5 grew into a family of 8 as the three kids married, and they have added a dietitian (me), a pastor, and a musician (phew…more left brains)!

I quickly learned that God had placed me in a family that needed my talents and left brain.

So how is my dream becoming a reality?  What do we, the Varvel family, have to offer?

A brand new YouTube channel! This channel will provide a variety of different playlists including (but not limited to) Comedy, Filmmaking How To videos, Behind the Scenes on future film projects, more Comedy, etc while incorporating Biblical Truth.

And how do I fit in? Varvelicious: videos on nutrition advice for your body and soul.

More to come next Friday, October 23rd when we launch!  Until then, join us on our journey:

I’ll also be incorporating more nutrition advice that follows along with my videos here on my blog. So if you want more info on Varvelicious, sign up on the left to follow this blog!

Get excited! It’s going to be Varvelicious!


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