Is Holiday Food an Idol?


It’s that time of year!  Most people love the holiday season while others imitate Scrooge. {Insert my hubby}.   Well, he is not necessarily Scrooge, but he is against starting the Christmas traditions too early. Like decorating or listening to Christmas music right after Halloween…  And he was not too happy that it snowed here in Indianapolis last weekend!

Don’t get me wrong. Brett loves Christmas, but what bothers us the most is that we, even as Christians, have fallen into the temptation of making it all about everything else {insert ourselves} more than Jesus Christ. And no, I’m not siding with boycotting the red cup from Starbucks.  I do think it’s easy to idolize the holidays, especially all the traditions we’ve made with it. No, traditions are not bad.  However, anything good in this life becomes an idol once we’ve made it more important than Jesus.

One idol that I feel strong about is food. And around the holidays…it’s pretty much food…food…and more food. And here is what I mean: We HAVE to eat that certain recipe, we HAVE to bake 12 different kinds of cookies, we HAVE to serve only Pinterest perfect party dishes, we HAVE to stuff ourselves full on Thanksgiving…because that’s just what we do!  Hey, I’m guilty of all of these (well, except Pinterest since I avoid that site due to feelings of anxiety).

Food is a part of our culture and how we celebrate the holidays. I don’t think that’s wrong, but if we make it an idol, then it is wrong.  We can sit around the table taking turns sharing what we are thankful for, but then we go and engorge ourselves an average of 4500 calories.  Again, guilty here.

Some people even gain up to 5 pounds during the holiday season.  Call me crazy, but I don’t think that’s what Jesus’ birthday is all about.  A red “Christmas” cup or displaying a decorative sign I saw in Kohl’s last week that said, “Keep Christ in Christmas,” is not how we keep Christ the center of our focus either.  When it comes to food around the holidays, I think it starts by making conscious choices that are honoring to God.  Be thankful for your food, and then show your thankfulness by taking care of your body that is His Temple and dwelling place.

For more ways to honor Christ this Christmas with your food, watch my video for tips on making healthy choices and keeping those extra pounds off:

And for the rest of the year, here is 7 EASY ways to schedule in healthy behaviors:


Just giving you a few things to “chew” on before taking that second piece of pie.



4 thoughts on “Is Holiday Food an Idol?

  1. Linda Gilbert

    Christina, You write so beautifully and your new Varvel insider is again great. You are a treasure in our family.

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  2. Christina, Maybe you will remember me from one of your classes a few years ago. I agree with you that food can be an idol. I am still learning so much about life while remaking my own. For the past two years I’ve missed both Thanksgiving and Christmas due to severe injuries. When I couldn’t get out of bed, dress, cook or eat without assistance, i spent a lot of time in contemplation. My happy news is that I now am 100 lbs less than I was when I first met you so you can consider me one of your success stories. Bless you and your family. I’ll be reading, so please keep writing.

    • Beth! Yes, I remember you! It is wonderful to hear from you!! I have been quite behind in my blog posts since life is so busy with my 4 1/2 year old daughter and 2 year old son!!! I am so proud that you are doing well and have lost 100 pounds!!! That made my day to hear this! Thank you for contacting me and telling me this encouraging news! Take care!!

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