It’s a…


 GenderReveal5x7Kherington is going to have a brother come May 2014!  We are very excited!!!

My sister asked me if the ultrasound tech was 100% sure of the gender. Well, I’ll let you decide! 😉

19 Weeks 1

My OB’s office got a new ultrasound machine this year that shows 3-D images at this early in development (19 weeks)!

19 Weeks 2  19 Weeks 4 19 Weeks 5Here are his little feet.

19 Weeks 3

So who do you think he looks like? The ultrasound tech said that he has my chin. Brett thinks he looks like me! Whohoo!

We announced the news to our families by giving each set of parents a picture desk calendar. On the month of May, the “it’s a boy” picture above is printed.  Then, to announce the name we played a game. We set before them 3 pictures, 1 at a time, that are clues to the first and middle name. They had 15 seconds to see each picture until they guessed the name correctly. The order of pictures was hardest to easiest clue.

Let’s see if you can guess it!

First Name:

Best Ribs Award

IU Jersey


The answer: Damon

(Damon’s Grill, Damon Bailey, Matt Damon)

Middle Name:


Is 7.14


Answer: Emanuel

Damon Emanuel Varvel

Brett and I fell in love with the name Damon. It’s not very common but not a difficult name where you get “huh?” or “spelling please?” (you know… the name Kherington!!!)  Damon is Greek, meaning “to tame” or “subdue.”   He was very active during the ultrasound. The tech mentioned this as she kept moving the probe around my belly getting the measurements and pictures she needed!   And of course if he is anything like his Daddy (just ask his parents)…..well we’ll just say the name just might fit him! 😉

Also, Brett and his dad were huge IU basketball fans. He likes to tell the story how he pretended to be Damon Bailey when playing basketball in the driveway as a kid.

Emanuel is my Dad’s and Grandpa Osenni’s middle name: Philip Emanuel Osenni.  My sister, Laureann, named her first born son, Carter Philip.  Before we knew the gender of Kherington, Brett and I were convinced that Emanuel would be the middle name of our first born son.  Emanuel is the Italian spelling of Emmanuel or Immanuel, meaning “God with us.”

The ultrasound appointment was on Tuesday, December 17th. The Sunday before that, the 15th, was the first time I felt him move. I was laying in bed that morning after I snoozed my alarm to get up for church. And good thing I did because as I was dreading getting out of my warm covers, I felt tiny flutters!!!  Then, I felt him again during the church service as we were singing worship songs to the Lord.  He was jumping for joy. Shortly after, Pastor Curt played a powerful video of a voice recording of Charles Spurgeon during a sermon he preached on Christmas Eve, 1854. He is explaining the definition of Immanuel, “God with us.”  After feeling my child for the first time and being moved by the film, I knew deep down I was carrying a boy and his name would be Damon Emanuel.  Some people may not like the idea of using one of God’s names for your child, but it is special to carry on a family name, and because he will always be our reminder that God IS and ALWAYS will be with us.

Please take a few minutes to listen to the video here.

19 weeks - scaled