Snapshots of the Christian Worldview Film Festival


Here are snapshots of our broken journey at the Christian Worldview Film Festival. To read the powerful story behind the pictures, click here.  To view just a glimpse of what happened and a few of the many people who blessed us tremendously, keep scrolling.

Brett and I waiting for our flight to San Antonio.

Listening to phenomenal speakers.

Brett in his workshop on Directing Through Camera Angles.

Director’s Panel: Rich Christiano, George Escobar, Brett Varvel, Dallas Jenkins, Ken Carpenter

Love these actresses: Stacey Bradshaw, Leona Worcester, Heather Ricks, and Kari Fabian.

Brett had the privilege of praying over Stephen Kendrick‘s son on his 13th birthday.

 I had the opportunity to be on a panel about family and filmmaking and give my viewpoint as a filmmaker’s wife who isn’t in the film industry, but supports Brett in his passion.

Brett giving his speech on “What is Your Identity?” Click here to watch a quick video.

Brett was the MC for the awards ceremony. He totally surprised me by bringing me up on stage to film a fun video to put on social media to promote the CWVFF. Enjoy the video here.

With the girls and David Helling

Must give credit to these wonderful people from the Midwest Christian Filmmakers Academy for taking many of the pics above and throughout the festival.

Kher’s Story 3


Kherington has fallen in love with Toy Story this past year. Brett and I haven’t complained since we are Toy Story fans ourselves!  (And we definitely are excited about the recent news of Toy Story 4 coming in 2017!)   We asked Kherington if she wanted a Toy Story party or a Brave or Rapunzel party (since these have been her recent favorites).  Well, guess which she picked…

BCV_8217 BCV_8216BCV_8362Love Love Love the cake!

Jumping for joy! So excited about her party!

BCV_8249 BCV_8251

3 years old!






Notice how we have the same facial expression!


And here again! LOL


I was so excited about this gift from Aunt Ashley, Uncle Daron, Liam and Lily! Ashley found a classic working Woody and Jessie from Goodwill!


Great Grandma Varvel bought her the What’s in the Bible? episode about David and Goliath –

Kherington’s current favorite Bible story because Daddy does an evil laugh and voice when imitating Goliath!

She’s running to show it to Daddy!






Showing Lily her Minnie necklace.

BCV_8319 BCV_8204 BCV_8235 BCV_8369 BCV_8393 BCV_8398

Daddy and Damon match!


BCV_8420 BCV_8427 BCV_8433

On Kherington’s actual birthday, it’s tradition (starting last year!) to have Dunkin Donuts – one of Kherington’s favorite “junk food”!


Mimi made her a #3 out of leftover pie dough.


And we celebrated her special day with her first haircut!!!!






IMG_0288 IMG_0289

Even though this past year Kherington has tested Mommy and Daddy’s patience with her strong-will and stubbornness, we love her more and more!  She is such a smart little girl and we are excited for this 3rd year of her life and all the new memories we will make.

To watch a recap of Kherington’s 2nd year of life, click here to see the video Daddy made.

{From Where I Stand} A Favorite Fall Recipe


On Monday night, I had a Jamberry Nails party.  If you haven’t heard of it before, you need to check them out!  Better yet, go to my friend Roxanne’s website here and I can get hostess credit if you make an order through Friday, October 3rd! 🙂

So I needed something quick and delicious for a party snack. I tried this pumpkin dip last year and we loved it!!!  Dip apple slices and graham crackers.  I have to admit we even eat it by the spoonful!

There are only four ingredients:

IMG_0172And I put Kherington to work!  Starting this summer she has been very interested in helping me cook. Even thought it takes a little longer to prepare dinner, I love that she wants to help me. She comes into the kitchen, pulls over the chair and stands up right next to me saying, “I want to help Mommy!”   For all the other Mommy’s out there with toddlers, this is a great time to start teaching about food and healthy eating choices!   Don’t shoo them out the kitchen or put in a movie like I used to do {guilty}!

Pouring the 4-serving Vanilla JELL-O pudding packet with the can of pumpkin.


Kherington loves to smell everything. She’s smelling the 1 tsp of pumpkin pie spice.


IMG_0564 IMG_0547

Scooping in the 1 tub of Cool Whip. Oops..missed the bowl!


She had to stop and take a lick of the Cool Whip!!!



Once mixed, of course we had to taste test!!


Mmmm. Kherington and Mommy approved!


When finished, don’t forget to lick the spoon! No raw eggs here!



For another Fall favorite recipe, see what Stephanie is cookin’ up here!

Summer Fun 2014


Here is a quick peek at our summer so far!  Enjoy!

Damon’s first fastpitch softball game!


Aunt Ashley and cousin Liam lovin’ on Damon.


Cousin Jen lovin’ on the babe! Can’t wait to meet her little girl in September!




4th of July parade and symphony at the park



IMG_2629 IMG_2630

Tried to get a good pic of the 3 cousins…




Roasting marshmallows with Carter and Caden


The end result…



Snuggles in bed with Aunt Lollie


My mom always did my hair like this when I was little for gymnastics! So excited to do it to Kher’s hair!


Kher’s first day of Happy Village Sunday School! No more nursery!


Kherington loved the water from the fire hose…even though it was 60 degrees out. The bottom pic was after they had left. She didn’t want to leave even though she was blue and her teeth were chattering. She told me, “more water!”


Kherington also loved the county fair!


She wanted to feed Damon, so she got her baby doll instead!


My Uncle Daryll visited from Florida. Got to ride on his nice bike!


My dad has worked in the garage door business for over 30 years. Yet, this was the first time I toured the plant where they make the doors! So cool to see it in action!

IMG_2834 IMG_2837

This pretty much sums up Kherington’s summer! Water, pools, and more water! I think she’s a fish and she is fearless too!


Picking and eating raspberries with best bud, Nora.

photo 1 photo 2

photo 3

“Mommy, would you like some ‘special’ tea?”  (meaning Our SpecialTEA)

photo 1-1

Love these three. My heart is full and thankful.

photo 3-1

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Spring Break in San Antonio


Brett and I were able to get away for a long weekend in San Antonio, Texas in March.  Brett has been once, but I had never been to the city. San Antonio is beautiful! We got some Texas warmth and a break from the Indiana freezing winter.

Before I get to the main reason we went to San Antonio, here are some pics of us visiting the Alamo. It was a good review in history, and I must confess it made me want to go brush up on some American history!

IMG_2929IMG_2942     IMG_2925


IMG_2934 IMG_2938

Since I’ve been craving meat this entire pregnancy…We had a date night at

Fogo de Chao.


We went to San Antonio to attend the Christian Worldview Film Festival.  It was the first year of this particular film festival, and The War Within was selected as one of the feature films.  The film was shown 3 times. Here is Brett answering questions at one of the showings.


After each of the showings, Brett probably answered questions for at least 10-15 minutes, and then people came up to us afterwards to continue asking more questions and complimenting the film.

Brett had the great opportunity to meet our Sales Agent for the War Within: Rich Christiano. He’s a very successful Christian filmmaker who shares our passion: reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are very blessed to have him a part of this project.

IMG_3263Here we are right before the awards ceremony. IMG_2944

We were eligible for 4 awards at this film festival.  Brett kept telling me not to get my hopes up so I wouldn’t be disappointed if we didn’t win anything. However as I sat there before the ceremony started, I thought and prayed, “Surely, Lord, we will win at least 1?!”

There were a total of 13 awards presented. The Best Trailer award was the third award handed out. And sure enough, The War Within won it!  If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, see it here.

Then we sat off to the side as the rest of the awards were handed out.  The last 3 awards were Best Feature Film, Best Gospel Presentation, and Audience Choice Award.  And yes, as you may already know, The War Within won all three.

CWFF 2 CWFFWe were humbled by all 4 awards.  In our opinion, the best award we received was the Gospel Presentation award. That means that the gospel was clear, and that was our goal when making the film.  I must say, we were a little embarrassed to have received all 4 awards, especially the last 3 in a row. Yet, when we walked to the platform for the 4th time for the Audience Choice Award, the audience gave us a standing ovation.  But all praise and glory goes to God!!!  They were standing for Him and what He has done through our willingness to follow and obey His leading.


The entire trip was overwhelming, to say the least. The response was so positive and encouraging; we walked away speechless and in awe of God’s goodness and confirmation that we are following His will.  We were also thankful to have met so many people. What moved us the most was those who asked us to pray with them because the film touched them in some way.  One teenager wanted to pray with Brett because he felt like he was Michael in the film; his relationship with Christ was more of the Mind rather the Heart.  A woman came to me in tears asking me to pray for her husband who after 20 years of pastoring, has walked away from Jesus and her family.

This is why Brett and I are involved in this ministry of Christian filmmaking: to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to change hearts towards Him.  And this is only the beginning!  We continue to pray and wait on the Lord’s timing as we begin the process of marketing and distribution. If you haven’t already, “Like” our page on Facebook: The War Within Movie or follow us on Twitter: @TWWmovie.          You will receive updates on distribution, how you can get a screening at your church this Summer, and when and where you can buy the movie when it is released (probably Fall 2014)!

Pray with us please.  And if you feel led to give to the project financially, go to the House of Grace Films website for more information.

Oh, and we had to purchase a bag to fit all our awards for the plane trip back!


A kid was so excited about the film that he went home and made Lego men out of the 6 soul members in the film!


(Conscience, Heart, Will, Memory, Mind, Emotion)

To see what my friend Megan’s up to this Spring, check her blog out at Meg’s Five.

From Where I Stand {Dinner and Taxes}


Every year around this time, my brother-in-law, Robby, is quite the life saver.  You see, we have a yearly date, in which, I call “Dinner and Taxes.”  Robby and Laureann, as well as my nephews Carter and Caden, come over to our house to enjoy a homemade scrumptious dinner made by me.  In return, Robby does our taxes.   Seem like a fair trade?  I believe so. Yet, you’ll have to ask Robby if he thinks so! 🙂

Now, yes, some of you are thinking how hard can it be to do them yourself?  True. True.  Yet, when Brett and I were first married and he started his business Timeless Pictures, it was all quite confusing. Robby has is own business as a realtor, so he has the exact software from Turbo Tax we need, and he knows all the ends and outs of business write-offs.  Therefore, I slave away in the kitchen, we eat, and then the kids play away while Robby and I sit at the kitchen table.  Laureann and Brett are there for support of course. (I am the NERD when it comes to finances, hence, why I take care of it all. It works out great for Brett and me in our marriage!) So, it’s become quite the tradition and we make it a yearly date. (We try to beat our time goal every year of getting them done faster! Last night was our record! Just over 2 hours!)

Here is the dinner that I made last night for “Dinner and Taxes:”

Vegetable Calzones, BBQ Chicken Calzones, Salad, and Homemade Appleasauce

Let’s start with the Vegetable Calzones.  Here is the recipe that I got from the magazine All You, which I HIGHLY recommend for their great money-saving tips and awesome recipes!

Vegetable Calzone 1Vegetable Calzone 2The ingredients…

IMG_2201IMG_2203 IMG_2204 IMG_2205

I set this aside and prepared the BBQ Chicken filling.  The recipe I modified is found Here.

The ingredients…while the chicken is boiling in the pot!

IMG_2206IMG_2207 IMG_2208I set that aside, and prepared the pizza dough.  My absolute favorite pizza dough recipe that I use for these calzones and to make good ole pizza is from Money Saving Mom! Check it out! It’s super easy and fast!

Here is the dough ready to go.


I separated the dough into 8 circles and divided the vegetable and chicken mixtures.

IMG_2210 IMG_2211

Folded them up, sealed, brushed egg whites on top, and vented with 3 slits.


Put them in the oven for about 20 minutes and voila!


Of course, we all had 1/2 of each kind!  Serve with salad and homemade applesauce (not pictured).


And the best part….





Hope you give them a try! They are healthy, delicious, and pretty easy.  They also freeze very well.  They are on my freezer meal list to prepare before Damon arrives!

And lastly, THANK YOU, Robby, for always being willing to help with our taxes. I do hope you feel it’s a fair trade! 😉

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