Praying for Purity


This tired Mama’s heart is heavy.   I have trapped my emotions the past few weeks until I could no longer contain them.

And tonight they came spilling out during a prayer group of 4 other women…

Immediately after I spoke to a group of 5th-6th grade girls on the topic of…


and purity.

The past month I have been reading the books 6 Ways to Keep the “Little” in Your Girl and 6 Ways to Keep the “Good” in Your Boy by Dannah Gresh.  Most mornings after spending time reading God’s Word and praying, I would read a chapter or portion (depending on if Kherington had woken up yet or not).  I finished them this morning.

And my heart is heavy.

Then I had about 15 girls staring at me tonight with wide eyes and attentive hearts as I spoke to them what God’s Word says about glorifying Him with our bodies and keeping them pure and modest.

I left those girls to seek my fellow prayer warriors and wept in the presence of Jesus, asking Him to keep these next generations of boys and girls pure before Him and this world.

As I pray, I rub my belly in fear for my little Damon and Kherington, who is happily playing in the nursery.  I don’t want them to face what Satan is going to throw at them.  But he will. And they will face the dragon of s*xual immorality, p*rn*graphy, immodesty and have to make a choice.

So this Mama is on her knees.  Now. Even though my daughter is 2 1/2 and loves to run around in her diaper saying “I’m nakey!!”  And even though my son is 30 weeks in utero.

Because satan is starting young.  Not 13 years old anymore. Younger and younger. He wants their heart, their purity, their lust, their desires to be for him and the sin and death he stands for.

Oh, but my Savior wants their hearts more.  Because He loves them more. So much that He died for them so that they can be free. Free from the destruction that impurity brings.  The battle’s been won. The sins of impurity has been nailed to the cross.

I have had my share of mistakes and sins regarding purity and modesty.  But by God’s grace and the Holy Spirit’s constant conviction in Brett and my life, Brett was able to present me “without spot or wrinkle” on our wedding night.

I also had parents who prayed and set boundaries.  I remember the frustrations I felt trying on clothes in dressing rooms and my mom saying “No.”  Ugh.

And now all I can do is praise the Lord and say “Thank You Mom!!!!” over and over again.

I want to be that Mama.  That’s why I’m on my knees.  I’m giving my fears over to Him. I’m placing Kherington and Damon into his hands.  I’m asking Jesus for His strength to say, “No.”

So that someday in the not-so-distant future, Kherington and Damon can say, “Thank You Mom!!!”